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We have a separate website www.robertloomes.com for our entirly British Made Watches. Absolutely the only entirely English manufactured watch, available in stainless steel or 18ct solid rose gold.


From time to time we make small limited edition watches using some British and some imported components. We made a batch of 100 Everest watches this year. Some were used by the Royal Gurkha Regiment climbing team on an extended 70 day climbing trip in Nepal, culminating on Everest.

After 70 days in temperatures from -40 to +35 and being severely bashed about by the chaps,includinga couple of days trapped in an avalanche, Captain Dick Gale reported that “they worked perfectly”.

everest bagpipeeverest map2

Corporal Milan Rai, RGR, practices his bagpiping on the slopes of Everest in pursuit of a Guiness World Record and the rest of the guys plan the climbing. Each to their own but Milan is an outstanding climber and he really enjoyed taking a reliable British watch with him.


This particular watch was later raffled at an RGR dinner with Joanna Lumley, raising money for the Gurkha Welfare Trust and the Mountain Trust. Both are British based charities delivering aid, education and healthcare to remote mountain communities in the Himalayas.

everest rope


Revisited by popular demand, we produced a fresh version of our original copper watch, now sold out.


The Black Copper watch was, again, a limited edition of one hundred pieces designed and built by us in Stamford; this time produced with a black dial and copper numerals and hands.


It is slightly tweaked beyond our original version both aesthetically and technically.


Even our sapphire glass is now made in England. We are absolutely the only British watchmakers to cut and polish our own sapphires, using machinery dating back to the 1940s.

Robert Loomes English Made Watches


The movement is a 22-jewel automatic, high-frequency design. We decorated the plates with traditional “cotes de geneve” stripes (engine turned stripes) and with “spotting”. The edges are neatly bevelled and the screws have been blued both for contrast and for ease of use in servicing. The movement is neatly visible through an exhibition sapphire case back.



Each watch is hand built and rigorously tested in our Stamford workshops before it goes on sale. Every one is tested and adjusted in six positions. We have the confidence that each will keep excellent time and function reliably. Our watches are guaranteed for three years but designed to last a lifetime.

The image below shows the first watch we produced in 2009. A limited edition of one hundred, it sold out in weeks.

Above is The Stamford Watch, now sold out.


A limited edition of one hundred British watches, designed and hand-built by us in Stamford. Each movement is carefully adjusted and tested in six positions.


Each is re-tested once the movement, dial, hands and case are complete. The vast majority of modern watch movements are only tested briefly before casing up but experience has taught us that our way is the right way.


The movements are signed and numbered on the automatic winding weight, clearly visible once in the case.


We tested each watch for water-resistance to 5 ATM. They were not intended to be waterproof, this is simply a good way to ensure they are completely dust-proof and should withstand getting soaked in the rain or an accidental plunge into a basin of water.


The Stamford Watch is sold out
Please see our other website for details of our entirely English-made watches.


We had a superb write-up from Stamford Living magazine in their December 2009 feature: “The People of St Mary’s”. Go to www.StamfordLiving.co.uk to see the article in full.


Likewise the Stamford Mercury’s glowing write up at www.Stamford Mercury.co.uk


We have not had much time to post reviews or comments but…


“Now I’ve had the chance to appreciate my chronograph for a couple of weeks I’d just like to say that I’m delighted with it. It really is an exquisite piece and quite breathtaking. The detail and workmanship in the movement is superb and the dial is a real work of art; so beautifully crisp and fine. The chronograph controls are positive and the winder has a pleasing feel to it. As with the original Stamford watch, the movement is beautifully quiet and the whole piece has a wonderfully unassuming elegance. To me the chronograph, with its brown leather strap, has the feel and timeless appearance of a high quality timepiece with real class and is entirely in keeping with its origins. It’s a joy to wear because it’s not showy and looks and feels so right! Yes, I do wear it to work (although, for obvious reasons I take it off when I go out into the workshops!)
Best wishes,”


” It’s a superb watch (the beautifully blued hands make it wonderfully easy to read in any light) and if you would like to use any of my comments on your website then please feel free to do so. I really shouldn’t wear it in everyday use, considering my work takes me into contact with some pretty heavy engineering but I do like it! I can always take it off whenever I go out into the workshops anyway…
Look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards,